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NOTE: Do NOT submit this form before completing Step 1. You need an appropriate IB Subscription with DAS before you can link an IB account to DAS. You cannot link a trial user, simulator user, or user from any other broker to an IB account, you MUST have a DAS-IB subscription first. Click here to sign up
NOTE: Financial Advisor managed accounts cannot be linked to DAS. You must have your FA enable the account for client trading first, then submit this form.
NOTE: You cannot link an IBKR Lite account to DAS, please upgrade to IBKR Pro before submitting this form.

You MUST also complete the Rider Agreement available here: Agreement and submit with a photo/scan copy of your government-issued Photo ID with your signature. Rider signature field must be hand-signed, not print-typed. The Vendor on Page 1 is DAS Trader and the Account is your U account number. Both Rider and ID must be submitted simultaneously when you complete Step 2. Use Ctrl+click to select both files in the same Browse window.